MKstartups Space

The builders and leaders of the startup and innovation eco-system!
We have been actively developing the Macedonian startup eco-system for 5 years now. As leaders we’ve worked in strengthening capacities, boosting the entrepreneurial mindset, sharing opportunities and overcoming challenges. While most of these activities have taken place online, through our Facebook group MKstartups and fan pages, some meetups, workshops, and events have taken place, but always in different locations.
We are now looking to put another piece in the puzzle, by building and managing a ‘home’ for the startup community, physical space, and entrepreneurial community center, bringing together all actors in the Macedonian ecosystem under one roof.


Womenpreneurs Stories is an initiative that aims to celebrate inspirational women in business, share their stories and inspire!

Looking forward to the future we definitely need more women in leadership positions. Because women at all levels of the organization need peers to look up to and to seek out.

The contribution that women as innovators, entrepreneurs and engines of change can give to the economic growth is very important.

Many are already involved directly and indirectly in supporting an environment in which women in the Balkans are recognized and fully enabled to contribute to the development of the emerging entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We at Womenpreneurs Stories have created an event platform to promote the inspiring stories. Also we support 1st time female founders through the 5 day Bootcamp. Recently implemented for 70 female founders from all 11 Balkan countries.