Introducing Startup Macedonia

Startup Macedonia is an Association created by a group of Macedonian startup enthusiasts, experts, investors, accelerators and organisations, who have one common goal: to connect the Macedonian startup community, encourage and help create a suitable and creative work environment for startups in Macedonia.

Macedonia is under-used potential for innovation that has yet to be discovered. In order to release the full potential of startups in Macedonia we need an ecosystem that will support their development. Therefore, Macedonia Start is here to help!

Mission: The mission of this Association to inspire the innovation, development and networking between startups and all the stakeholders which are part of the eco system in order to build a better startup community.

Vision: To become an association which is recognized by all the startup community as a valid partner with which they can collaborate, work unitedly and bring contribution to achieve the common goals of each member of the community.

Global recognition of the great potential that the Macedonian startup community has.

To change the world through innovation!

Objective: The main objective of the Association is to connect Macedonian startup community to encourage and help startups to create favorable environment for creative work.

The association will strive towards achieving the following objectives:

  • Connecting the startup community and everyone involved in the startup eco-system;
  • Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit in Macedonia;
  • Encouraging the innovation culture and investments in startups;
  • Creating a database of startups and other members of the startup ecosystem including mentors and experts to share knowledge;
  • Encouraging of open dialogue among all members in the ecosystem in order to identify problems, solutions and elimination of obstacles that limit the growth of startups in the Macedonia;
  • Supporting and encouraging initiatives to improve the legal framework that applies to startups.
  • Increasing the attractiveness of startup investments in and out of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • Promotion and support of any type of events like: hackathons, conferences and demo days;
  • Encouraging cooperation between Macedonian and foreign startups, accelerators, incubators, funds and other organizations;
  • Encouraging of collaboration between startups, business communities, high scientific institutions, research and development centers in Macedonia to encourage innovation;
  • International connection with similar associations and organization for networking and mutual support in achieving goals;
  • Increasing the accessibility to statistics related to the startups in Macedonia;
  • Aggregation of startup events in Macedonia
  • Creating a complete full support system for the startup in Macedonia.

Thank you for your support! 🙂